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Make The Most Of Your Wellington Security Camera Installation By Choosing The Right Placement

For home and business owners in Wellington security camera installation is a must. It gives you peace of mind, allows you to monitor your property 24/7 (even when you aren’t there) and should a crime occur; it will give you vital information as to who is entering your property – and how they’re doing so. However, you’re probably aware that having just one camera on your property isn’t enough and you’ll need to place them in the correct areas of your property. The last thing you want to do is to spend time and money installing a system that fails to capture anything useful. While the company responsible for your Wellington security camera installation will guide you in how to place your cameras and how many you will need, here’s what they’ll consider – so that you can recognise what they’ll recommend.

Check Your Entries And Exits 

Every point of entry and exit in your property should have a camera trained on it. You need to understand that criminals won’t necessarily act logically or as you would. They might enter and exit through a single entrance – or use two different ones, even though it takes them longer. Make sure you focus on specific areas such as a doorway or gate. If you have large windows or windows placed low to the ground, you’ll also need it here. It’s better to have more cameras trained on smaller areas than to have fewer ones that you’ve tried to place for a wide view of your property. You’ll want clear images, and if you don’t focus on specific areas, you won’t get this. 

Check Your Lighting 

Motion activated lighting is great as it can deter intruders – but if your property has foot traffic or pets, it might not be a good idea. Whatever lighting you choose (or your security company recommends to you), you should consider anything that could impact what the camera captures. For example, a camera directly facing a street light or the sun could create a flare, resulting in captured content that is unclear. Alternatively, one placed near a tree or similar obstruction could have its view obstructed by moving branches or bushes. 

Check Your Visibility

Many property owners feel that concealing their cameras is ideal, but in most cases, it isn’t – as it needs to be visible to be a deterrent. However, you need to balance this – as you don’t want it to be close enough for anyone to be able to grab and break or cover – or so far away it fails to capture anything clearly.

Now that you have a better idea of what your Wellington security camera installation needs will be, you’ll be better equipped for your upcoming installation. For more advice, contact Blue Line Security today.

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