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Six Benefits Of installing CCTV On Your Business Premises

Alarm systems and security monitoring services are vital when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your business premises. However, many businesses don’t have CCTV systems in place, even though it’s a valuable resource worth the investment. If you’re one such owner and are still on the fence, here are a few benefits of installing a business CCTV system on your commercial property.

It’s A Deterrent To Criminals

The mere existence of CCTV cameras can be enough to prevent criminals from attempting to enter your business premises. Criminals tend to favour easy targets that offer them a clean getaway. If you’ve previously experienced illegal activity on your property, installing CCTV cameras are likely to deter criminals and potentially eliminate incidents in the future.

You Can Monitor Employees

When it comes to monitoring staff, CCTV offers a dual benefit. On the one hand, it’s a security measure that helps keep employees safe and provides peace of mind – especially for companies with night shift staff. On the other hand, management can observe the behaviour of employees and be aware of factors such as staff not adhering to procedures, inappropriate behaviour and in unfortunate cases, even criminal activity taking place.

It’s A Source of Evidence

If a crime occurs on your property, CCTV footage is a source of evidence. It’s especially valuable if the matter goes to court. For retail businesses, it could capture instances of shoplifting, and from a disciplinary point of view, it can be used to prove behaviour including sexual harassment, negligence, tardiness, non-compliance and dishonesty.

It Offers Insurance Benefits

Most insurance service providers take each property’s security measures and risk factors into account when calculating insurance costs. As installing CCTV improves the overall safety level of your premises, it could offer a reduction when it comes to your premium costs. Other assets on your premises will also benefit from this reduced insurance premium.

It Will Protect Your Business Interests

CCTV could help protect a company from false insurance claims by a consumer or staff member. For example, it could provide a claim for an injury or loss is invalid or staged by the claimant. It could save a business substantial financial loss from a lawsuit claim.

It Enables A Rapid Emergency And Crime Response

A CCTV system that includes remote monitoring can be valuable when it comes to an emergency, be it a crime or a medical emergency taking place. In severe cases, a quick response could mean the difference between life and death. Monitored CCTV cameras help provide both security and rapid response services aimed at protecting your staff, clients, suppliers and anyone else visiting your business premises.

To install a CCTV camera, alarm monitoring or a security system on your Wellington business premises, contact BlueLine Security. We’re experienced local security experts that can offer you a complete security solution.

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