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Blueline Security uses a variety of Intercom systems Hikvision, Aiphone and Kantech among others. Intercoms can incorporate video, access control and audio management.

At BlueLine Security, we provide a wide range of CCTV solutions customised to the type of surveillance required, the size of area being observed and the quality of detail needed.

Intercoms offer extra security because they act as a way of screening people who want to enter either the business offices or house. It is not possible for any person to go past the door if the person inside the premises does not have enough confidence about the person at the front of the door. With this system, forceful intrusions and other crimes are prevented to a great extent.

For inter business communications having intercom stations installed at strategic areas or several entry points of commercial properties. This will make it possible for employees to carry out effective communication within the given distance. This eases exchange of communication that is vital and important in all business operations. In addition, the systems make it easy for vital announcements to be communicated quickly and easily to the right individuals.

Other features that make intercom systems beneficial include:

  • Paging system
  • Time announcements
  • Time based call forwarding
  • Emergency call by individual station groups

All you have to do is to ensure that the intercom systems are installed in the right way, to enhance efficiency.

Residential Intercoms

For Residential situations with the latest development of intercom systems, you are not required to attend to your door / gate every time your door bell rings. The convenience provided in being able to speak & talk to or see a person who is at the door / gate is one of the greatest benefits offered by  intercom systems.

There are also other security features, such as, buttons that can lock or unlock the doors or gates without having to get near them, the latest system also gives you the ability to see who is at your door even when you are offsite, thus giving you the ability to redirect them to where you are via voice communication or allow them entry in the case of trades men or courier drivers picking up a parcel.

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