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CCTV and camera surveillance systems play an important role in business security. From supermarkets, banks, malls and transport services to car yards, retailers and schools. CCTV cameras are used by businesses to manage all types of security issues including burglaries and illegal entry, employee theft, stock shrinkage, damage and vandalism, not to mention staff health and safety.

At BlueLine Security, we provide a wide range of CCTV solutions customised to the type of surveillance required, the size of area being observed and the quality of detail needed.

We’ll ensure you get the right solution for CCTV Wellington

There are many types of CCTV & home security cameras, such as night vision enabled cameras, motion detection activated cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications – all connected to a network video recorder for real time recording and review.

Some security systems come with built-in tracking software, which will trigger a pan/tilt camera to follow a person, for example, in a factory or warehouse. Number plate recognition technology can also be used to identify vehicles on or around your premises.

Blueline Security specialise in IP camera solutions and can arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration to show what these products can deliver for you. We supply, install and service all main brands of Wellington CCTV camera systems including Hikvision, SONY, Panasonic, Dahua, Vivotek, Samsung, Axis, and Milestone. Our CCTV & security camera systems can integrate with your alarm, access control, gate automation and alarm monitoring systems and you’ll be supported by our 24 hour on call technical service.

To make sure you know whats going on when you are away from your business or home you can view the CCTV cameras at any time 24 hours a day on your mobile devices. As well as viewing live pictures you can replay yesterdays images or go back weeks, dependent on HDD space to clarify what happened. Plus you can take snap shots and email them immediately if you see a situation arise.

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